Across Marias Pass DVD
By Pentrex

Across Marias Pass DVD
1 Hour 30 Mins


Product Description

Stretched against the sunning backdrop of Glacier National Park, Burlington Northern'stranscontinental mainline climbs up and over the rugged Rocky Mountains. One scenic splendor after another unfolds as long freight trains struggle up the mountain pass. It'sthe pre-merger days of the early 1990s and Pentrex is trackside to record the battle of trains and nature. The grandeur of the mountains is almost overwhelming as we explore the line from Whitefish, Montana to points east of Browning.

You ll see trains snake their way through the tunnels and along the banks of the wild middle fork of the Flathead River. Train after train rumbles through forests of aspen and larch decked out in glorious fall colors or struggles against winter'sstorms. After crossing over the high bridges and through the famous snow sheds, the trains work hard up the pass to crest the summit.

Marias Pass takes on a different look on the east slope. Wild, desolate country with ever-present mountains marks the high plateau. You ll see trains cross over Two Medicine Bridge and struggle upgrade through Grizzley. The solitude of Spotted Robe is broken as you watch a heavy grain train grind its way up the grade.

Burlington Northern and Mother Natures combine to make this stretch of railroad a place to be visited time and time again. No matter how often you ve been here before, you won t want to miss this vision of magnificent Marias Pass.

DVD Special Feature:

* Chapter Menus provides instant access to program segments.

1 Hour 30 Minutes
In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in NTSC DVD players worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
ISBN: 1-56342-239-5
UPC: 7-48268-00522-0
Produced by Pentrex 1991. Released on DVD 2008