Atlanta Hartsfield International 2001
By Highball Productions

Atlanta Hartsfield International 2001
2 Hours


Product Description

The world's busiest airport, with a staggering 900,000+ aircraft movements and 80,000,000+ passengers. A major Delta/Delta Express hub, with everything from Brasilias, ATR's through MD80's, B737-200's to B777's, MD-11's and L1011's, with all three paint schemes, plus the Olympic painted B777 and B757 and new B767-400's. Some super runway shots from the balcony of the hideously expensive Renaissance Hotel, overheads, landings, takeoffs, in your face taxiings. Air France, Swissair, KLM, BA, Jamaica, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Martinair, China Air, plus all the usual American airlines. Tons of action.