Beijings Colorful Trains
By Highball Productions

Beijings Colorful Trains
2 Hours 20 Mins


Product Description

Colorful indeed, with a wild variety of colors, including some very strange schemes indeed. We take you to Fengtai, on the outskirts of the city for diesel freights and passenger trains, and electric hauled passenger and freight trains. Fengtai station is at the end of a hump yard, so we also see DF7's switching (a Fairbanks-Morse lookalike, sort of). Next it's off to Dahuichang for diesel hauled freights and a few passenger trains, and the famed limestone railway, with it's 2' 6" gauge 0-8-0's. We visit an unidentified junction for electric freights, and after being sent away by the police and China Rail officials we visit a more friendly grade crossing for the double unit 8K electric locomotives and a variety of industrial type units. Then it's off to the Beijing City Wall for an overlook at Central Station, and finally we visit a yard, where the staff invited us in and showed us where to set up! Impressive railroading!