Bridge Line Division - Canadian Pacific
By Highball Productions

Bridge Line Division - Canadian Pacific
1 Hour 50 Mins


Product Description

Over a year in the making, we cover the old Susquehanna Division between Mohawk Yard & Binghamton, you'll see most of the famous locations, including Richmondville Hill, Delanson, Ninevah, Harpursville and Belden Hill. RS18's, C424's, an RS36 and M630's all make an appearance, together with all the other odds and ends to be found on 1993/4's D&H, including 'Gators, Ghosts and Guilford. You'll be trackside in rain, fog, snow and sunshine for some great D&H action - you'll love engineer Mike Green putting on an incredible show with two Alco's, two SD's and a LOT of smoke, these shots are worth the price alone.