California Steamin 3751 and 2472 Meet at L.A.
By Valhalla Video

California Steamin 3751 and 2472 Meet at L.A.
57 Mins


Product Description

Taped entirely in California, this program features three exciting steam events from the early 1990's. The AT&SF No. 3751 came out of restoration in in 1991, the SP 2472 ran on the Coast Line between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the UP 4466 ran at Railfair in Sacramento. And, by a seemingly amazing coincidence, 3751 and 2472 had a historic meet at Mission Tower in Los Angeles on September 17, 1992, and only Valhalla Video was there to record it for posterity. Also, Valhalla's cameras were present when the 3751 first entered the main line at the Kaiser Steel mill in Fontana after her long restoration. And three months later we pace her going up Cajon Pass pulling a Santa Fe Employee Recognition Special. The 2472 is shown between San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles on its historic trip. And finally we see the UP 4466 coal-fired 0-6-0 with a slope-back tender operating on the Sacramento Southern as part of Railfair 91 at the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Running time 57 minutes.