Carvey Davis Baltimore Streetcar Films
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Carvey Davis Baltimore Streetcar Films
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Product Description

Carvey Davis's Baltimore Streetcar Films is a selection of this talented photographer's 16mm footage taken during the late 1940s and early 1950s. The program is arranged geographically, covering most of the major routes in operation during this period from end to end.

Lots of Brill semiconvertibles are in evidence, as well as Peter Witts and PCCs. The soundtrack is narration only, giving location information for each shot.

Approximately half color, half black & white, this program pleases as much for the vintage street scenes and autos as it does for the streetcars. It has been a best-seller at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, but a surprising number of non-Baltimoreans have praised it as a model of thorough and systematic coverage of a single city's lines.