Connie Close Up
By Highball Productions

Connie Close Up
1 Hour


Product Description

Ride the flightdeck of not 1, but 2, Lockheed Constellations! Start with an explanation of the engineeers panel, then we see startup, taxiing and take off from both inside the aircraft and airside. You are riding in the MATS Connie, owned by the Constellation Group, restored and doing the show circuit. For today's flight, it's check ride time for the pilots of the Swiss "Save a Connie" group, and we shoot an approach at Tucson International (TUS). You'll see the landing from both inside the aircraft and airside, then it's on to the Dutch Connie, now at the Aviodome in the Netherlands. again, you'll see startup, taxiing and takeoff from both inside the aircraft and airside. This is a test flight after the long restoration project, there are two engineers, and the pilot is the legendary Frank Lang. You'll see the landing, again, both from inside the aircraft and airside. There's even a landing looking into the front wheelwell from the front baggage compartment (don't ask!!). Due to a conflict with another program title this program has been renamed Connie Close Up.