Mojave Magic - The BNSF Needles Sub
By Highball Productions

Mojave Magic - The BNSF Needles Sub
2 Hours


Product Description

Explore the magic of the marvelous Mojave Desert as we follow BNSF's Needles Sub from Barstow to Needles, California. Incredible long vistas across the desert with stunning mountain backgrounds, with hurrying intermodals and dragging manifests. A veritable rainbow of power, from Santa Fe GP30s through gleaming red and silver Warbonnets, Cascade Green SD40-2s through displaced whiteface SD60Ms, repainted Heritage units to solid lash ups of brand new Heritage 2 GEs. This is most definitely BNSF, a heavy duty railroad with lots of traffic in gorgeous winter sunshine, in all the famous locations, Hector, Lavic, Ludlow, Ash Hill, Klondike, Siberia, Bagdad, Amboy, Cadiz, Danby, Goffs, Ibis, Java and lots, lots more.