Roseville to Truckee - How Its Done
By Donner Rails

Roseville to Truckee - How Its Done
52 Mins


Product Description

"Better than The Battle For Donner Pass"- Carl Bradley, former superintendent Roseville Service Unit-Trains Magazine review of Roseville to Truckee"Camera work is right up there with some of the other "big guys" and, in some cases, clearly exceeds the work of the bigger, more established video houses." M. Alley"Great job! Hard to believe Roseville to Truckee was made so early in your existence. Extremely polished, well done, and great fun to watch. I've had a special interest in the Overland Route for years, glad to see someone devoting the attention to it that it richly deserves." - Tim O'Brien"Roseville to Truckee" is a documentary/entertainment video that gives viewers the best seat in the house as they ride with the crew in the cab of an expedited freight train over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Feel the excitement of riding in the engineers seat as we depart Roseville and head East to Truckee.This hour-long ride brings home all the in-your face railroading action as viewers take this incredible journey along the nostalgic main line between Roseville and Truckee. Experience the challenges engineers face each day while climbing the steep grades up to Donner. Learn some of the amazing history as our story tells how Chinese laborers carved the path for the rail bed along solid granite ledges and how track was laid by rail gangs through snow and ice over the Sierras.Feel goose bumps as you ride along those lofty granite ledges where sweeping panoramic vistas are set to the emotions of soft mesmerizing music. See dark solid granite interiors inside historic tunnels where builders chipped and blasted their way clear through whole mountain sides. Feel the cool shadows inside the snow sheds where rays of light filter through the sturdy wooden beams and icicles hang from the ceilings.See all the historic towns built along this famous route as we pass through Auburn, Colfax, Cape Horn, Alta, Blue Canyon, Cisco, and finally, Donner Pass. Then, arriving in Truckee where our camera crew ends their journey, the train crew continues on with a blast of the horn and a wave goodbye.Roseville to Truckee was produced by a local producer with the permission of Union Pacific Railroad for the purpose of documenting what it is like traveling over the Sierras in a freight train. See for yourself the creative video editing and dialog with pictures.