Sacramento Northern - Transit Gloria Mundi - Catenary Video Productions
By Transit Gloria Mundi

Sacramento Northern - Transit Gloria Mundi - Catenary Video Productions
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Product Description

Sacramento Northern - Catch the interurban Experience in Action
In 1940, long after most interurbans had degenerated into poorly maintained shadows of the pre-WWI prime, the Sacramento Northern was operating trains of heavy wooden arch-window cars looking fresh from the paintshop, rumbling slowly through the tree-shaded city streets before racing across open countryside.

Journey back 60 years for a trip on California's legendary Sacramento Northern Railway, from the Bay Area to Chico, in the Sacramento Valley. The woodland and Colusa branches are also covered. The DVD provides a fascinating view of the countryside before it was despoiled by urband sprawl and the automobile.

In the first half of the twentieth century, interurbans served small town America well -- connecting neighbors by distributing people and commerce reliably and cheaply when life was simpler and less hurried.

This extremely rare, color coverage came from a stunning 16mm film taken by pioneeer cinematographers Art Alter and Chuck Savage.

In association with Catenary Video Productions.

NOTE! This is the same exact video that was put out by Catenary Video Productions in VHS format. If you have that, then you've already got this.