San Timoteo Canyon on the Sunset Route
By Midwest Video Productions

San Timoteo Canyon on the Sunset Route
1 Hour 13 Mins


Product Description

This is the Union Pacific on the former Southern Pacific's Sunset Route. While the UP is in charge, so short a time after the merger means plenty of Southern Pacific power is still seen.

Scenic locations along the San Timeteo Canyon route include Apex, Beaumont, El Casco, Ordway, Redlands and Hinda. We'll cover the Sunset Route East of Colton and West of Beaumont.

We'll see a nice mix of intermodal, manifests, locals, bare '"table'" trains and auto racks. We'll also see plenty of helpers that aid trains over the continuous 1.2% grade.

Midwest Video Productions was most active in the mid-to-late 1990s when mergers were happening and flags were falling at a fast clip. This video was shot using professional equipment of the time, but is not up to the clarity of today's high-definition video. It is however an excellent snapshot of an important time in the nation's railroad history.