Santa Fes Seligman Sub DVD
By WB Video Productions

Santa Fes Seligman Sub DVD
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1 Hour


Product Description

Desert...snow capped peaks..:and "Yellow Bonnet" diesels. That's the Seligman Subdivision, Santa Fe's high density main-line with trains from California, Texas and the Midwest.

In this program a variety of Santa Fe Power is seen as fast freights thunder over the Arizona Divide between Winslow, Arizona and Needles, California. Equipment includes the C30-7, SD40-2, SD45, SD45-2, GP35, GP40X, GP50, GP60, SDF45, SDFP45,and the B39-8. The red and yellow merger paint scheme is still around, too.

You'll see many fascinating locations along the Seligman Sub including Canyon Diablo where a massive steel arch bridge spans this deep gorge. Long trains rumble over Supai Summit with the snow capped San Francisco Mountains as a backdrop. You're trackside on the Peavine Line to Phoenix, the New Line Williams to Crookton and at Yampai Summit.

Trains rumble through the depths of Crozier Canyon and Kingmam Canyon. There's action at Topock on the magnificent Colorado River Bridge. At Needles, California arrivals and departures provide an exciting conclusion to our visit to the Great Southwest and SANTA FE's SELIGMAN SUB!

Photography by Dave Gross in broadcast video, live sound and color. Narrated by Rege Cordic. 60 minutes. Jacket photographs: Jean Gross. Copyight 1989 WB Video Productions