Steel City Traction 3 - The North Side on DVD by Transit Gloria Mundi
By Transit Gloria Mundi

Steel City Traction 3 - The North Side on DVD by Transit Gloria Mundi
1 Hour


Product Description

Pittsburgh's North Side was home to some of the Steel City's most-loved trolley lines. Route 21 Fineview had some of the steepest grades, tightest turns, and most spectacular views in the entire city. The West View loop (Routes 10 West View and 15 Bellevue) had one of the system's longest stretches of private right-of-way, and a spectacular high bridge. Film coverage of the North Side routes was uneven. Some of the lines went so early that we were only able to locate a shot or two. And some of the longest, most heavily-traveled trunks, shared by several routes nearly to the end of trolleys on the North Side, were considered so boring by most railfans that no one bothered to shoot movies of them at all. The good news is that the private right-of-way of the West View loop was well-covered, and we take you over the line in both directions. And Fineview was covered so well that we were able to assemble 3 complete trips around its one-way loop: one in the mid-60s shot by Jeff Mora on sunny days, with lots of very steady out-the-front shots; one on the last day of service shot by several cameramen, under gloomy skies with intermittent rain (how appropriate for a last day!); and most spectacular of all, a complete trip shot by Art Ellis during World War II when the line was still served exclusively by low-floor cars!