Surf Line Commuters - Amtrak Metrolink Coaster
By Valhalla Video

Surf Line Commuters - Amtrak Metrolink Coaster
1 Hour 31 Mins


Product Description

Exciting passenger action on the fabled "Surf Line" between Los Angeles and San Diego is featured in this newly revised program. You will see Amtrak Surfliners, San Diegans, Metrolink, and Coaster trains, along with BNSF freight action and Santa Fe steam locomotive No. 3751 in Los Angeles and at Fullerton Railroad Days. Also includes scenes from Metrolink's first day of operation at Union Station, and head-in scenes along the coast. Fully narrated with useful information about milepost locations and radio frequencies. Highlights of the speech given by Amtrak CEO Alexander Kummant to NARP in Los Angeles on March 17, 2007 are included as a bonus feature. Hi-Fi stereo audio. Running time: 91 minutes.