Take a Ride on the North Shore Line - DVD Transit Gloria Mundi
By Transit Gloria Mundi

Take a Ride on the North Shore Line - DVD Transit Gloria Mundi
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Product Description

Interurban Legends

From the hustle of Chicago's Loop, along the shores of Lake Michigan to the streets of Milwaukee, The North Shore Line was a legend - for many, the very definition of the interurban railroad in America. Widely acclaimed as America's 'best known' interurban, the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee was the perennial recipient of well earned speed and safety awards. For over sixty years, until its premature demise in 1963, the line served both commuters and through passengers, as well as carrying a significant amount of freight. The crown jewel of Samuel Insull's electric railway empire, the North Shore legend is secure in the annals of interurban lore. This cinematographic history of the line's last 25 years thoroughly covers the physical plant and equipment, with many exciting shots which dramatically illustrate the speed and precision of its operation. Truly everything you remember or want to know about the era of the "World's Fastest Interurban" can be found in this superlative film. This new edition of Don Olsen's classic tribute to The North Shore Line features a digitally remastered sound track.

This DVD contains the complete 90-minute video first released in 1987, augmented with an animated SynchroMapTM showing your location on the system at any time with the press of a button - the map is always in synch with the video - and two alternative sound mixes: music and effects only, and narration only. The narration is also available as subtitles. Additional content includes Along the Green Bay Trail and Pace of Progress, two publicity films produced by the North Shore in the 1920s, the North Shore segment from TGM's Steel and Ice: the Trolley Days of Winter, and an on-screen scrollable map (with prinatble versions as well - the latter requires a computer with a DVD drive), and on-screen and printable vintage North Shore Line posters.