Ultimate Cajon Subdivision 4 Disc DVD
By Pentrex

Ultimate Cajon Subdivision 4 Disc DVD
12 Hours


Product Description

12 Hours on 4 Discs!
Over 500 Trains!
From the great San Bernardino Valley to the high desert community of Barstow lies one of the busiest and most scenic mainlines in the country. At just over 81 miles in length, the BNSF Cajon Sub is a powerful artery that plays an integral role in moving trains to and from Southern California. With its stiff climb over Cajon Pass, endless flow of traffic, and vistas of stark beauty, the Cajon Sub is a place of limitless photo opportunities for railroad photographers.

Pentrex takes you on a journey of epic proportions across this railroading hot spot. For close to five years, leaving almost no mile undocumented, filming over 500 trains during winter snow storms and summer heat, we searched out incredible photo locations to take you into the heart of this line as it's never been seen before!

BNSF, Union Pacific, and Amtrak deliver nonstop thrills here. These trains are covered on the Mojave Desert between Barstow and Victorville as well as on the challenging Pass. We also capture the action on Union Pacific's Colton-Palmdale Cutoff as it parallels the BNSF on Cajon Pass. You'll see numerous trains with foreign power leading, along with other surprises such as passenger specials and Grand Canyon Railway steam engines and tenders riding on flatcars. Plus, you'll catch sight of the early stages of new mainline construction and tunnel daylighting projects as well. There's so much to see!

On Discs One and Two you'll explore the lines in detail from San Bernardino to Barstow. Discs Three and Four take you back to San Bernardino with all new footage. None of the images you see here have been used in any other production. This is 12 hours of all new material! You won't want to miss a second of our blockbuster presentation, The Ultimate Cajon Subdivision!

DVD Special Features:

* Bonus Map provides additional information and timetable.

* Two stereo soundtracks, one with the natural train sounds, the other with narration added. The viewer can switch the narration on or off at any time.

* Chapter Menus provide instant access to program segments.

12 Hours on 4 Discs
In Color with Stereo Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in any NTSC DVD player worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
ISBN: 1-56342-224-7
UPC: 7-48268-00507-7
Produced by Pentrex 2007