Zurich Kloten 2001
By Highball Productions

Zurich Kloten 2001
2 Hours


Product Description

Awesome action at one of Europe's premier airports for aviation fans, featuring lots of great Swissair action. Taped from several locations around the airport perimeter as well as the observation deck, you'll see landings, takoffs, overheads and some in your face taxiings in one of our best programs yet. Lots of Swissair A330's and MD-11's, and includes Crossair, BA, Balair, Lufthansa, Maersk, LOT, American, Delta, Continental, Singapore, Thai, Malasian, Alitalia, Proteus, Volare, Edelwiess, Macadonian, Finnair, El Al, Sabena, Cargolux, Sri Lankan, Gulf, Emirates and lots more.